Let's make PINELLAS COuNTY schools work for every Student

Pinellas County schools should be safe and full of opportunity for our kids. My priorities include valuing each unique child, empowering our teachers and keeping them safe, and involving parents actively by giving them a pivotal role in the educational process. I am running for the Pinellas County School Board District 1 with the determination to turn these principles into actions.

VOTE ON AUG 20, 2024

Raising grassroots support!

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About Danielle

Danielle Marolf has called Pinellas County home for over 24 years and has been deeply invested in Education for two decades as a parent, volunteer, and school administrator. 

Her extensive experience as a private school administrator uniquely positions her to bring invaluable insights to public education. Her tenure has honed her understanding of diverse learning needs, efficient resource management, and fostering inclusive environments. 

This background equips her with a nuanced perspective, emphasizing the importance of tailored approaches to education. Her innovative strategies, cultivated in the private sector, are poised to enrich public schooling, fostering a more personalized, supportive, and engaging educational experience for every student.

Lets Work together

As a school board member, I want to move us forward and write the next chapter of success for Pinellas County schools.  These are some of the issues I am passionate about:

  • Academic Rigor
  • Parental Engagement
  • Teacher Advocacy
  • School Safety

I am deeply committed to engaging with students, parents, and teachers, valuing their unique perspectives and insights. Listening to their concerns and innovative ideas is not just a responsibility but a source of positive change. 

By actively gathering feedback and involving all stakeholders, we can create a learning environment that truly serves the needs of our community. Together, we will implement effective, meaningful changes that make our schools the best they can be.

Thank You!
Having you on the team is a big deal!

We are looking forward to working together to make Pinellas County Schools the best they can be for our kids.