Academic Rigor

Prioritizing Critical Thinking

We live in a society of broken communication. Students in public education do not typically learn the art of dialectic discussion or rhetorical argument… in laymen’s terms – we need to prioritize critical thinking. Kids need to learn formal communication skills in order to empower them analyze, question, and solve complex problems. By fostering a culture of critical thought,  we cultivate informed citizens and future leaders.

Strong Phonics Programs – ALL 74 PHONOGRAMS!

Did you know that nearly 20% of the population of the United States is dyslexic? That is 1 in every 5 people. Phonics programs that have only made use of a portion of the 74 phonograms are largely responsible for this problem.  Children cannot learn to read fluently and for comprehension if they do not learn ALL of the building blocks of reading. 

“Sight word” memorization must become a thing of the past in favor of all 74 phonogram usage if we expect to reduce the number of dyslexic cases we see nation-wide. I intend to make complete phonics a top priority when I am elected. 

Trades Education

Tradesmen and women in the United States are aging out of their industry, and by the year 2028, we will be approximately 3 million trades jobs short of where we need to be to support healthy infrastructure in our country. We must prioritize trades in our schools. Trades education offers students practical hands-on learning experiences that lead to well-paying careers immediately after graduation. It fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, and I am an advocate for the expansion of trade classes in ALL Pinellas County high schools.  

Parental Involvement

I am committed to encouraging parental involvement in public education. Parents pay taxes for their students to be in school, and they should have an active role in shaping their children’s educational journey. I am an advocate for transparent communication, meaningful conversation, and respect for parental choices. Together, let’s ensure parents have a strong voice in the decisions that impact their children’s schooling.

Teacher Advocacy

Teachers in Pinellas who love education should want to STAY in education. I want our teachers to feel valued and appreciated. We need to pay them well, keep them safe, and give them time to teach. We must limit the amount of standardized testing required of them, give time back to them to cover curriculum content, and reward them for raising up students who retain and comprehend content, not just those who score well on standardized tests. 

We must stop the culture of insubordination and disrespect in our classrooms. There is no limit to what our teachers can do when they feel valued and safe.

Safe Schools

Every teacher and student deserves a learning environment where they feel valued and protected. Our schools should be havens of security, respect, and compassion for both students and teachers. By implementing robust safety measures, fostering a culture of empathy, and actively addressing bullying, we can ensure that our students will be able to focus on learning, growing, and achieving their fullest potential. Let’s make our schools spaces where every teacher and child can thrive without fear.