... Her unwavering commitment to fostering well-run educational institutions, her visionary approach and her dedication make her an exemplary candidate poised to elevate our schools to new heights. I confidently believe in her ability to bring meaningful and transformational changes to Pinellas County Schools."
Anna Paulina Luna
United States Representative Florida District 13 

“Thank you to Rogan O’Handley “DC Draino” for your endorsement! I am honored to be recognized by such an amazing leader and truth-teller.”

Rogan O'Handley aka DC_Draino

“Danielle Marolf is committed to returning our public schools back to the business of preparing our children with an excellent academic-focused education, in preparation for life; and decoupling our education system from its present obsession with social engineering and woke indoctrination.”

Florida Faith Foundation

“I have seen Danielle Marolf in action as an educational leader who is dedicated, passionate, and creative in problem-solving. Our own family has personally entrusted our children’s education to her leadership and we have been grateful that she has always prioritized what is in the best interest of our children. 

I wholeheartedly endorse Danielle for the Pinellas County School Board, confident that she will continue to serve our community with the same focus and resolve.”

Pastor Art Dykstra, Feather Sound Community Church